What we do...

Waving goodbye to a sleepy sun with drops of the ocean still hanging on to the ends of our noses it was decided that we would immerse life in happiness and try our very best to plaster crocodile smiles on each others dile every damn day. 

Katie considers herself a soldier for the environment, protecting all the nooks, creatures and overwhelmingly sparkly landscapes. Finishing up a Masters degree in Environmental Science at Auckland Uni she has dreams of a world with extraordinary people working together to protect and admire all of the ludicrous life on our planet. 

Sean is the brains of the operation. With a bachelors degree in commerce and a passion for marketing he makes dreams become a reality. Often people say that "the photos don't do it justice", Sean despises this and will climb that prickly cactus or float away on an iceberg to make sure that he gets a shot that captures all of the feeling and clarity of a moment. 

Together we aim to move through life inspiring each other and those that surround us. Whether it be through travel, photography, art, writing or pure adventure we want to create the imagery that represents all of the epic things life has to offer and influence others to respect, love and explore their own lives.

We are Sean & Katie, adventurers, creators and best-friends.